Is there an app etc. that can save and restore the exact sizes and positions of windows on Mac?

The use case I have is using TextEdit windows with one window corresponding a note type. I have one window for just-typed-in contact numbers, one for research notes, one for to-dos etc.

Every time my com restarts, the windows locations and sizes will be reset and I have to re-size and re-position them again. How can I avoid this by saving these? I wish I could save a “configuration” or a “workspace”.

More generally, I think this will be very useful for every other non-TextEdit window.

  • Look at System Prefs > General - what do you have set for 'Ask to keep changes…' & 'Close windows when quitting..' ? With those off [perhaps even only the 2nd one but I have both] then it should always re-launch in the state it was quit. – Tetsujin Jun 27 '20 at 6:28

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