This was never a problem before I upgraded to 10.15.5.

I have a single wide screen, so I have 2 chrome windows (one on left, one on right). I frequently move tabs from one to another.

I also have another desktop, where I also have chrome windows open.


 Desktop 1.     Desktop 2.
+-----------+. +-----------+
| W1.  W2.  |. | W3.   W4. |
+-----------+. +-----------+

But now when I detach a chrome tab from a chrome window (any of them, say Desktop 1 W2 in the picture above), then my desktop switches to Desktop 2.

If I detach a tab from W3 or W4, desktop switches to Desktop 1.

This always happens. Doesn't matter if the tabs are in the beginning of the row, middle or end.

Video recording of the problem: https://youtu.be/exjwInkADaM (I want to stay on the kitten desktop (2), but it switches me to dog desktop (1)). :(

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