My High Sierra Mac is interpreting any left mouse click as a middle click. So that means it won't switch context to a desired window with a left click, and all web links open in a background tab, as if I were holding the Cmd key when clicking (which I'm not). Here's what I've tried:

  • Using a different mouse. My normal is the magic mouse, also tried an M720 Logitech over bluetooth. Both have the same issue.
  • Turning off my bluetooth keyboard. I thought maybe it was messed up, and telling the Mac that the Cmd was being held down. Turning it off had no effect.
  • Restarting the Mac. This didn't help.
  • Reviewing mouse settings. Nothing I changed seemed to help. Even tried reversing the left/right button functionality, but not difference.

I'm out of ideas here. What can I try to resolve it?

  • Could you try in safe mode and see if it still happens? – Skeleton Bow Jun 18 at 15:02
  • Ok, I feel dumb now. I went to start in safe mode, and remembered that I also had a wired keyboard plugged in, and thought "I should use that for the shift key on restart." I then saw it had my headphones resting on the Cmd key.... Needless to say, taking the headphones off fixed the problem. Dopey mistake but @SkeletonBow comments helped me find it. – croceldon Jun 18 at 15:25
  • Haha, I didn't do much but glad you got it sorted! – Skeleton Bow Jun 18 at 16:55

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