I tried to find a way to sync my photos on my iPhone to my Google Drive, but it appears that this is not so easy, this is what I did already:

  1. In my photo app on my iPhone I select 4 photos > Share > to Google Drive and select a folder and that works.
  2. I select 13 photos in my photo app > share and Google Drive is gone, I can't select it
  3. Upload photos in the Google Drive app and that works, it's a hassle because I need to delete the original photos from the photo app, which kind of sucks
  4. Then iCloud: I turned on sync with iCloud on my phone and on my Mac I set it up to sync my iPhone photos with my Mac to put those pictures in a specific location and what do I get when I open the Finder in that location? a whole bunch of F[2 digits] folders, how helpful is that?...
  5. Then I found Is there a way to automatically upload photos from an iPhone to Google Drive and I tested photosync and I got excited I set up to sync the photos to a Google Drive folder in low quality because the original quality cost money and it works I tested it and deleted a photo in google drive and I synced again and the deleted photo came back in Google Drive. In my book, that's not syncing.

I came from Android on my Android: I downloaded a drivesync app I set it up and BAM done, with no problems. Why is it so hard for IOS to sync photos?

Does anyone here have a sync with iPhone photos to Google Drive working? And I mean Google Drive, not Google Photos. On my Mac and Windows laptop, I sync the photo and I have renaming files and directory structure workflow, and I don't want to change that; so Google Photos is not an option.

  • I don't think Photosync actually syncs images, it's just a backup service.
    – fsb
    Commented Jun 15, 2020 at 16:19

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I have solved it, this is the solution closest to my needs. On my and my wife's iPhone, I have set the photos to be stored in iCloud.

On my Mac, I open the Photos app and I have it set to load the iCloud Photos.

Now I can drag the photos into the correct folders of Google Drive which will be synchronized via drive sync.

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