I have a 2018 MacBook Pro—retina, no touchbar, 13", two USB-C ports. I have a USB-C 'dock' with HDMI and three USB 3 ports. I want to use hardwired Ethernet to offload the wifi, but I don't want to be manually disabling and enabling wifi.

I bought a j5create USB 3 - 1G/T adapter and plug it into the 'dock.' So it's MacBook to dock to adapter to Ethernet. This works for a while, but sooner or later all network traffic slows and stops. The assigned IP addresses are different. My older Macs with built-in Ethernet never have this problem. Any suggestions?

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    You’ve got two distinct questions here - prioritizing network interfaces and network traffic “stops.” Let’s focus on the latter. How did you determine network traffic “slows and stops?” I know you don’t want to disable WiFi, but to diagnose the issue your going to have to for the time being. When WiFi is disabled, does your network work as expected? – Allan Jun 13 at 5:01

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