I'm a software developer and as such I build and run programs hundreds of times per day. I've noticed that since I started using Catalina, after compiling and linking there is a delay (which can be seconds) when the internet is slow or having problems (I have bad internet often). If I disable wifi and rebuild, the delay goes away.

How can I disable this so my builds run faster?


Yes, as a security measure, macOS Catalina sends some small info (can be seen by packet size) about unsigned executables to the Apple servers.

A simple C program as illustrated in ..

.. can demonstrate the lag in startup on poor internet connection conditions.

The article has detailed observations, tests and commentary on the process.

You can block the macOS or specifically syspolicyd from connecting to the internet and it won't hinder its normal functioning locally, using a firewall.

I use LuLu, since it's free. A lot of people use Little Snitch.

Many other apps also ping their servers on startup or quitting: Firefox, Adobe, Sublime Text etc.

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