I'm new to Mac (10.15.5) and so far figuring out shortcuts has not been a smooth journey. Usually on Windows I would use these -

Home - Beginning of a line
End - End of line
Ctrl + Home - Beginning of file
Ctrl + End - End of file

and these work for any text editor or application like a terminal. On Mac,

Command + Left arrow - Beginning of line in TextEdit (Fn + left does page up I think)
Fn + Left Arrow - Beginning of line in iTerm (Command + left does nothing)

How do I set universal shortcuts to go to beginning/end of a line/file that works in all apps?

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On my Mac, command+ ("command up arrow") takes me to the top of a file/document/webpage. Same sequence with "Down arrow" takes me to the bottom of a file/document/webpage.

If that doesn't work for you, let us know & we'll try to help further.

For future reference, Apple has a list of shortcuts on their support website. It also includes links to app-specific shortcuts.


Fn + Cmd + right arrow will take to End of file (document).

Fn + Right arrow key is basically home key. So if you add cmd (control) key, it'll replicate the Ctrl + Home on windows.

I also did remapping of Ctrl and Cmd key on Macbook to be line with Windows laptop.


See https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201236 for a full list. Ctrl-A (nearly) always takes you to the beginning of the line.


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