On sunday I had to restore my iPhone to factory settings (deleted all files and configuration). Before I did that, I backed up Whatsapp to iCloud (7 gb backup file). After I deleted my iPhone, I reinstalled Whatsapp and the backup file was not found on Whatsapp, however it did appear on iCloud. I don't know what I did but finally I was able to recover my messages and multimedia to Whatsapp... BUT a message came up telling me that only messages were going to be restored at first, because of the large size of other files, and then the multimedia were going to be restored. That never happened, the multimedia is showing as question marks (I cant add new stickers nor use the older ones), stickers with spinning wheel as "charging", can't reproduce any of the older audios. Anyway, I thought I could delete Whatsapp and restore again the 7 gb backup... but unfortunately, Whatsapp made an automatic backup file, now it's 500 mb. Of course multimedia and others were not backed up. Is there anyway I can recover the 7 gb backup file from iCloud?

Thanks. -C

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