Some background info:

I am managing a CUPS printserver with printqueues for all the user accessible printers. The macOS clients get their printqueue set up as IPP via script. Once the printjob has moved from the clients local CUPS to the CUPS on the printserver the username of the printjob has to match a user known by the server, or the user will not be able to manage the printjob if it gets stuck etc. and has to call an admin for help, which adds up to a lot of work.

With older versions of macOS/CUPS it was sufficient to have EXPORT CUPS_USER=username in the .bashrc of the user. However this is no longer working with catalina (last tested by me under 10.15.5).

Reading the latest CUPS manpage, I also tried setting user username in ~/.cups/client.conf to no avail.

So how would I go about changing the username in the latest version of CUPS?

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