How do I make a text border or also called "stroke" around text in documents that have text such as Pages, Markup, etc?

I want white text with a black border or "stroke", what program can I use in macOS to accomplish this?

And how would I do it?

It looks like this, for example:

enter image description here


Pages app is the easiest to get this effect, and it’s the same in Numbers / Keynote. To get the following effect:

outline text from Pages.app

  • Format the text to 64 pt
  • Format the text color to neutral gray
  • Enable Outline - keep the defaults, black line, 1 pt, solid stroke
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  • Pages: See outline in extra settings.

    enter image description here

  • Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

  • But since these are costly, see GIMP

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  • What version of Pages is that? I have Pages version 7.1 – Arlen Jun 6 at 18:26
  • Its 8.2.1, I'm on Mojave. see if you can online versions of ms office tools – anki Jun 6 at 18:33

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