When connected to an SMB share in Finder and deleting files or folders, this dialogue comes up:

enter image description here

I believe that the reasoning behind this dialogue is because deleted files don't go to a Trash or .Trashes folder, and so I think it's a good dialogue to have for most users. But when managing a large number of files in SMB shares frequently it can become very tedious and time-consuming to keep having to confirm each deletion. Power users really only need to see this once (the first time they delete something).

I am aware of the cmd+d keyboard shortcut for performing the delete function on this dialogue, which shaves off some time, but ultimately I'd like a way to suppress this dialogue completely.

How could I suppress these dialogues and make it so that when I delete something the "Delete" action is performed?

  • Have you tried using the Terminal command rm on the share to bypass the Finder altogether? Does this work for SMB shares? I don't have one to test with. :-) Type man rm in Terminal for options, and test, test, test, before you commit to large chunks of files. – IconDaemon Jun 6 '20 at 16:04
  • Indeed, using rm can delete files without requiring confirmation. To integrate this into my use case and have it be as effortless as possible I created an Automator Quick Action with rm "$1" in a "Run Shell Script" action. When selecting a file in Finder, this shows up in the services menu, so I was able to assign a keyboard shortcut to it in System Prefs. When invoking it does take 1-2 seconds for the automator quick action to run, but it's still better than having to interact with the confirmation dialogue repeatedly. Should you post this as an answer? – Employee Jun 6 '20 at 21:23

You can use the Terminal command rm to bypass the Finder altogether and suppress the GUI notification.

Check out the available options by typing man rm.

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