There is a handler for gmail in Fluid by default. I need one for the Outlook webmail client. I have set up Mail app to point to the Outlook Fluid app (how to here). I searched for similar questions here on Ask Different and found this post to be helpful as far as setting up a whitelist, but it makes no mention of the mailto handler, so I am creating this question here. In the other post, it was recommended to create a whitelist for:

outlooklive.com outlook.com live.com outlook.com

Which I have. But, I decided to set the Fluid app to Allow browsing to any URL for now just to err on the safe side in getting over the hurdle with sorting out the mailto: handler first. When a handler is working, I will then turn on the whitelist functionality again and go from there.

Currently when I click mailto links in other applications outside of Fluid, it will open the Fluid Outlook app and bring it into focus, but all it will display is the inbox. It does not come up with a compose screen with email address, or subject or pre-filled text (if applicable).

I suspect that perhaps I need to configure a handler and possibly an extension in order for the Outlook Fluid app to open mailto: links as expected when clicking on a mailto: link in web browsers, pdfs, docs, apps etc.

I thought that perhaps the gmail handler could be repurposed to work as an outlook handler fairly easily but I'm not an experienced coder. Here's a screenshot and the code.

Fluid Preference Pane Showing Gmail Mailto handler

Pattern: mailto:*

Handler Code:

function transform(inURLString) {
    inURLString = inURLString.replace('mailto:', '');
    inURLString = inURLString.replace('&', '&');

    var argStr = '';
    var splits = inURLString.split('?');

    var emailAddr = null;
    var args = {};
    if (splits.length > 0) emailAddr = splits[0];
    if (splits.length > 1) argStr = splits[1];

    var outURLString = 'https://mail.google.com/mail/?view=cm&fs=1&to=' + emailAddr;

    if (argStr.length > 0) outURLString += '&' + argStr;
    return outURLString;

I tried replacing the string var outURLString = 'https://mail.google.com/mail/?view=cm&fs=1&to=' + emailAddr; with var outURLString = 'https://outlook.live.com/?view=cm&fs=1&to=' + emailAddr; but no dice.

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