I'd like to connect to my local server using the following expression in Finder/Go/Connect to server: afp://username:password@serverIP.local

My password is using characters which I'm pretty sure are confusing the readability of this expression (e.g. @, %, perhaps other characters) - and I know nothing about UNIX. Say if my password was p@s$w%rd, the expression would look as such afp://username:p@s$w%rd@serverIP.local but because there is an @ it will confuse its readability. However, I don't want to compromise on the server's security and would like to keep freedom of syntax for my login credentials.

Is there a way to isolate the password syntax in a way to tell my computer to read the password from a specific input to an output?

  • Please ask only one question per post, you can always add additional questions if required. – nohillside May 27 at 13:58
  • I have no idea whether this would work, but how about percent encoding, which would make your p/w p%40s%24w%25rd – Tetsujin May 27 at 16:23
  • It actually worked!!!! brilliant thanks a lot! – worker May 28 at 8:53
  • Let me drop that in as an answer... – Tetsujin May 28 at 12:48

I wasn't sure whether this would work, but after comments it appears it does…

Use percent encoding like you see on web addresses, where potentially confusing symbols are replaced by a percentage sign followed by a hexadecimal number, as this table...

enter image description here

So the initial p@s$w%rd would become p%40s%24w%25rd

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