How to do not mix my personal AppleID and my work MacBook Pro which i use as freelancer (have no Corporate AppleID)? I mean do not mix my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air which I use for anything in my life like chats, photos, music, movies except my work.

Is it legal in case Apple-side to create second personal AppleID with same personal data which I will use separately for my work?

I want use at least ‘Find My’ and ‘AppStore’ using AppleID on this work MacBook Pro.

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    I actually have two Apple IDs, from when they were free and came with an iTools account and often use them interchangably, which can have annoying side effects, especially when you need to authorize a login... But really there is no technical reason not to, and Apple does allow it. However no one here can comment on the legality of doing that as it is off topic and may get your question edited or deleted. – Steve Chambers May 26 '20 at 23:32

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