Like a lot of people, I suspect, my 'go to' terminal emulator on Mac is either the vanilla 'Terminal' application, or else iTerm2. These don't really cut it, so I'd like to go back to using xterm. I have a sort of wrapper which I run and it has stuff like:

/opt/X11/bin/xterm -fn 10x20 -sb -sl 1500 -vb -bg DarkSlateBlue -fg white  -title mutt -e "$HOME/bin/mx" &

It opens six xterms for me, each one with a different title. That works, but what I can't do is use the keyboard to switch between the windows. The 'Window' menu says that (for example) xterm 3 is ⌥3. But all that does is to take a screenshot with Skitch.

Is there any way to map any key(s) I want, to achieve this?


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