I want to click on file to inherit the name for the file being saved. I can't read file names in the dialog box because the color is too faint. This is the same question as File Save dialog unreadable

That question does not have an answer but I don't have enough points to interact there so I have to post a new question.

Ticking the 'Increase Contrast' checkbox does not helpchanging the contrast slider does not help

Edited to add screen shots I tried to calibrate the monitor which no effect and did not change the readability of "unavailable" file names. I have added screenshots of previous operating systems to compare: Please tell me how Mojave is not to blame here: enter image description here

  • Welcome to Ask Different :) What app are you using? Can the app in question save the file in the format the fainted files are in? – Nimesh Neema May 26 at 13:09
  • @Tetsujin Even the OP writes that it's the same question – nohillside May 27 at 15:05
  • See comment below and updated question. – Richard Rasch May 27 at 20:58
  • @nohillside - so, after clarification, I guess it is a dupe - however, if it is, then the other has no correct/accepted answer. If we do manage to resolve this, I'd suggest reversing the dupe - but let's hang fire for now... – Tetsujin May 28 at 9:53
  • @Tetsujin Fine for me :-) – nohillside May 28 at 9:55

I suspect your display calibration is significantly out of true.
In both your screenshots the grey text is perfectly legible to me, on a fully calibrated machine, and in fact check out to be almost identical values as I see when I switch that setting on, as measured by the Digital Colour Meter in Utilities. That means the data being sent to your display is, near enough, correct.

But for anyone confused as to why your two screenshots look identical to anyone else viewing them here - the 'Increased contrast' setting will actually change the colours transmitted to your screen in a measurable way. The 'Display contrast' slider, however, is calculated "live" & therefore doesn't show in screenshots.

As first steps towards a 'fix' go into System Prefs > Displays > Colour & test any/all other profiles you can see in the list. Must of them will look seven kinds of horrible, as they're not meant for your screen, but one or two might incidentally improve that legibility.

If that's the case, then try a manual calibration.
To the right of that Control Panel is a Calibrate… button. Hold Opt ⌥ then click it. This will present a more advanced calibration set than without opt.

Work your way through it, following the on-screen instructions.
Because it relies on you to guess a bit as to which is quite right, sometimes it's best to go through it a few times, saving as a new name each time & then see which you prefer.
This is not the perfect way to calibrate a screen - for that you need a hardware colorimeter, $£€ 70–300 or more - but it ought to allow enough play in the interpretation to lift in some additional contrast at higher RGB levels.

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  • Not a perception problem. The related question states that Mojave upgrade caused files to be hard to read. Other OP was not asking why files were grey and I wasn't either. I added new screenshots to my question. (also, why am I calibrating a monitor that displayed previous operating systems just fine.) – Richard Rasch May 27 at 20:57
  • I can only test Mojave, High Sierra & El Capitan on 3 different Macs here, all accurately calibrated.. El Cap comes out at RGB 149,149,149, HS & Moj are lighter at 180,180,180 [this was with increased contrast off]. so yes, they're different, but nowhere near as different as your images show [148 vs 220-ish, much harder to measure on a jpg]… which leads me back to screen calibration. Did you at least try what I said? – Tetsujin May 28 at 9:48
  • I tried calibration several times with no improvement. Are the monitors you are viewing Retina? Mine are not. (Also viewing through 54 year old eyes) The faded filenames are almost illegible. – Richard Rasch Jul 1 at 17:56
  • 'regular' 27" 1440p screens, not retina. I'm also a fair bit older than you ;) I just have a fully-calibrated workflow, so I know what I'm seeing is correct. There's a limitation in what you can do with a manual calibration, as I said. One thing it cannot do is completely adjust the curves. All I can suggest would be a hardware colorimeter. – Tetsujin Jul 1 at 18:23

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