I can connect to a Samba share on my Raspberry Pi with the following:-

open smb://pi:[email protected]/pi

This works, and Finder shows the Location as MilliwaysPi4.local with access to the pi home directory.

This mounts at /Volumes/pi but if I have another Raspberry Pi already mounted it mounts at /Volumes/pi-1 etc.

Is there any way I can specify a mount point?

On Linux I can mount a share on my Mac at a specified mount point /mnt/Image with a command like the following:-

sudo mount.cifs //Milliways.local/Images /mnt/Image -o user=XXX

Is there any similar option in macOS. The Help file is very brief, and I can't find any detailed documentation for the open smb:// commands.

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    Did you try man mount or man mount_smbfs? :-)
    – nohillside
    May 26, 2020 at 6:11

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The open smb:// command is just automating what you're doing manually in Linux

Start by creating the mount point

sudo mkdir /Volumes/foobar

Then mount the share

sudo mount -t smbfs //user@hostname/path/to/share /Volumes/foobar


sudo mount_smbfs //user@hostname/path/to/share /Volumes/foobar

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