I am running iOS 13.5 on an iPhone SE. In Preferences -> General -> Language & Region the iPhone Language is set to “German” but the Preferred Language Order is set to “1. English 2. German”.

In the Books App I have several English Epub files. I wanted to read those aloud while jogging. In Preferences -> Accessibility -> Spoken Content I have checked “Speak Screen”. Under voices there are both “German” as well as “English” voices available. My problem is if I go into the Books app and do the downward two finger swipe and the particular epub file is read aloud the German voice is applied and not the English one. So the pronunciation is off.

I thought by setting the Preferred Language Order the way I did I would tackle the issue, but no effect. Aside that I haven't found any setting to get the language in the right voice used.

  • Do you get the right voice when you just select some of the text and then choose the "speak" option? – Tom Gewecke May 25 '20 at 15:47

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