Due to my new Mac running hot overheating issue, I found an extension app called "Turbo Boost Switcher" to see if I can control heat generation.

However, since it can't it run properly, I want to delete it after. Then I realized, I cant remove it from the launchpad nor from the Application folder.

When I try to search what are leftover in the computer, I found that the files were all shown with a prohibitory sign as shown.

in Library-staged extentions

How can I locate and trash these icons?

  • Where did you fine the file with the prohibitory sign? Commented May 24, 2020 at 19:37

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The prohibitory symbol means the application will not run on your machine.

I'd recommend either user128733 or CousinCocaine approach as seen here:

How to remove an icon from launchpad that does not appear in the Finder?

Application cleaner tend to be OK. FYI: General mac cleaners are to be avoided.


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