When I try to boot it it shows the Apple logo for a second and then gives up, same with Recovery mode.

When I put it on quick charge it boots up and works but when I unplug it, it slows down and then shuts off.

I've managed to do a quick change from quick charge to the laptop USB port while it was in Recovery mode and am currently reinstalling the software.

Any ideas?

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    Are you asking us if you should seek hardware repair? What specifically does “any ideas” mean - we don’t really know what you want to have answered or what knowledge you could use if you don’t ask a direct question. – bmike May 24 at 13:05

The battery is dead and needs to be replaced.

If you can only power on and use your phone while it's plugged in, then the battery can no longer hold a charge. It needs to be replaced.

"Quick charging" has to do with the current that the charger supplies. It's not a mode you can select. Laptops don't have the ability to quick charge as a typical USB port only provides 5V at 500mA max. You need at least 2.4A to quick charge (12W).

You can try doing a hard reset of the phone, but if the problem persists, it's definitely a failing/failed battery and it will need to be replaced.

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