Normally I watch TV and Movies using an Apple TV. I love being able to easily Pause and Skip Backward/Forward using the Apple TV's Siri Remote.

But in other places in the house I might watch on an iPad. Or even sometimes on an iPhone.

When I'm watching, I often prop the iPad up on a table or otherwise out of reach. So it's inconvenient to touch the screen. In the worst case, tapping the screen might tip over the iPad. I really just want to use a remote.

Is it possible to control an an iPad with an Apple TV Siri Remote via Bluetooth?

Note: I'm not asking about controlling an Apple TV with the iOS "Remote" app. I want the the reverse.

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There's no way to use the remote which comes with an Apple TV to control the iPad, but you can connect an Apple or third-party bluetooth keyboard to control your iPad.

Quoth Apple:

Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Keyboard compatibility with iOS devices

Apple Wireless Keyboard, Magic Keyboard, and many Bluetooth keyboards that use the Apple keyboard layout work with these iOS devices.


Note: In addition to Apple keyboards, many third-party Bluetooth keyboards that use the Apple keyboard layout work with iOS devices. Check with the keyboard manufacturer for additional information.

After connecting a Bluetooth keyboard, Mac-like keyboard shortcuts will work to control video playback on the iPad. Spacebar to play/pause, arrow keys to skip forward and backward and to control the volume.

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