My Macmail stopped checking/sending email so I recreated the account within MacMail. Upon recreating the local account in MacMail, I'm now able to send and receive but...

The emails that were recovered are only beginning 5/4/20. I expected further back. And, sent emails are gone.

Any way we can recover those?

  • I setup my MacMail as POP3 (vs. imap).
  • My email was in the cloud and I had folders stored locally on my Mac.
  • After recreating the account, my local folders for the original account are not found.
  • I'm using MacMail to access a 3rd party email provider, not icloud.
  • Do you habe a recent backup of your Mac? – nohillside May 20 '20 at 20:12
  • Yes, I have a timemachine backup. – HPWD May 20 '20 at 23:02

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