enter image description hereI bought this Mac second hand a while ago and it seems that there is still some hidden files in the drive that take a lot of my space

I have done my backup I want to completely format and reinstall the OS

I have tried in Terminal, but it keeps on giving me errors I am not very advanced in there, but can follow a few commands just to get this sorted

Here is a screen shot of my diskutil list Also, I only have around 4GB of space left...

Can anyone help me?

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    Welcome to Ask Different. Super details. Apple has an erace + reinstall process that doesn’t even require a working drive. Would you be interested in that? – bmike May 19 at 10:19
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    There are no hidden files. Your listing is pretty standard. You have a 250GB disk and your main disk "Andrian" is almost full. The other 3 partitions in disk1 are all standard and have standard sizes. – lhf May 19 at 11:01
  • How do I format it,though. It keeps on giving me different errors... – Yadiyaaa May 19 at 12:42
  • Are you sure the Mac is not full of local snapshots? What does tmutil listlocalsnapshots / show? – David Anderson May 19 at 14:01

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