The goal is a secondary VPN router since Airport Time Capsule doesn’t have that built-in capability. I’m not sure if Apple Routers have a setting to click for passthrough traffic or if I’m configuring things wrong. Most question research turns up a bridge mode and that isn’t what I want. I am banging my head on a desk since my setup appears correct.

Here are my router configurations...

Router A is an Apple Airport Time Capsule (last gen before discon) with most current firmware. Router B is an ASUS AC66U-B1 with most current ASUS firmware.

All Masks are The Apple has IPv6 enabled, the ASUS does not.

Router A’s IP is The DNS server is I assign static IPs to my local devices and have DHCP reserved higher up in the list for guests.

I assigned a static IP to Router B -

Router B’s knows it’s WAN address is the assigned static IP It knows the DNS and Default Gateway are I have NAT turned off.

Router B’s LAN is - this way the third octet is different and not assigning similar IPs. DHCP is on for my needs.

I plug in B’s WAN to A’s LAN but anything attached to Router B will not connect to the internet. I can’t figure out why.

Whatever I’m missing is blindly obvious but I just can’t see it. Thanks, experts, for your ideas on this.

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