I am looking to restore my hard drive to just mac fully. I installed windows using bootcamp but in trying to remove windows as it was faulty, I accidentally removed bootcamp assistant from my mac.

I would like to delete disk0s3 and restore it to be part of my main Macintosh HD which contains my mac OS install. However, I am not sure how this is organised as not sure what container disk1 is. Any advice on how I can clean this up to just have 'Macintosh HD' using the full space available? The format of Macintosh HD is APFS (encrypted). Should I just erase disk0s3 and give it the same format? If so, what name should I give it?

enter image description here

I plan to update my mac software and recover bootcamp assistant that way hopefully to reinstall windows.

Thanks in advance

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To convert a Microsoft partition to free space requires a single command. For example, disk0s3 is a Microsoft partition. To convert to free space, you would need to enter the following command.

sudo diskutil eraseVolume free none disk0s3

Free space can be added to a container, if the free space reside immediately after the container. In your case, if you converted disk0s3 to free space, then you probably would be able add this free space to disk0s2, by entering the command given below.

sudo diskutil apfs resizeContainer disk0s2 0


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