I am trying to use Spelling and Grammar in Word for Mac with a language that is not supported by default (Slovenian).

The standard way to do this for other applications is to put the dictionary files (.dic and .aff that I downloaded from LibreOffice Extensions) to Library/Spelling. Word, however, seems to disregard these system-wide settings.

I also tried to put these files under Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/ and import the .dic file as Custom dictionary of '(none)' language. In this way, when setting the language to English (UK) and specifying the Custom dictionary added above, some words are recognized correctly . However, most of the words are still incorrectly marked as containing spelling mistakes and suggestions do not reflect the full dictionary.

Is there any other way of importing external dictionaries?

I am using Word for Mac v16.36.



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