I have a macbook air dual booting macOS Catalina and Debian10 buster. I hold the option key at startup to choose the system I want. In the boot manager there's this efi partition (https://i.stack.imgur.com/sAvHb.jpg) that I would like to delete, because it starts nothing but grub bash minimal (https://i.stack.imgur.com/vLvC4.jpg), but I have not been able to identify this partition neither from macOS 'diskutils' nor from Debian 'fdisk'.

How could I delete this partition? boot loader

output of "?" efi entry


Command diskutil list disk0 output:

/dev/disk0 (internal, physical):
   #:                       TYPE NAME                    SIZE       IDENTIFIER
   0:      GUID_partition_scheme                        *512.1 GB   disk0
   1:                        EFI EFI                     209.7 MB   disk0s1
   2:                 Apple_APFS Container disk1         305.9 GB   disk0s2
   3:       Microsoft Basic Data                         205.5 GB   disk0s3
   4:                        EFI NO NAME                 536.9 MB   disk0s4
  • Usually this happens when you have more than one EFI partition. Can you post the output from the linux commands lsblk, mount | grep sda and /usr/sbin/gdisk -l /dev/sda? You may have to be the root user to enter the command /usr/sbin/gdisk -l /dev/sda. Or, post the output from the macOS command diskutil list. May 11, 2020 at 6:03
  • Thanks for replying! I'll edit my question and post the output you've asked. I've found out that it's not a "partition", but it's something in configuration files or something like this in the efi partition of Debian. It contains 3 folders: APPLE, boot and Debian. May 11, 2020 at 11:14
  • I mean, the folders (APPLE, boot and Debian) are in the disk0s4 partition. May 11, 2020 at 12:06

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You have two EFI partitions. Only one has the correct boot files. The other does not. You can try renaming a folder in the first EFI partition and see if this solves your problem. The commands are given below.

sudo disktuil mount disk0s1
mv /Volumes/EFI/EFI/BOOT /Volumes/EFI/EFI/NOBOOT
diskutil unmount disk0s1

If this does not solve your problem, then undo the above commands and try then other EFI partition. The commands are given below.

sudo disktuil mount disk0s1
mv /Volumes/EFI/EFI/NOBOOT /Volumes/EFI/EFI/BOOT
diskutil unmount disk0s1
sudo disktuil mount disk0s4
diskutil unmount disk0s4

If this fixed your problem, then you should consider changing the label to something better than EFI Boot. And/or add an icon.


Open Disk Utility in the Application/Utilities folder and select the Volume of interest. Then click on the Partition tab at the top. This will display all partitions on the selected Volume.

  • It doesn`t appear in disk utility. I think this may be something in a config file in debian's partition. May 10, 2020 at 20:21

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