Finder's "recents" feature is great, tracking most recently-opened files (from apps that report them to the OS). Is there a third-party app that keeps a running list of your most recently-opened folders?

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    Just being pragmatic here, I don’t think you’ll find one because it doesn’t seem practical. Every file is in a folder somewhere and simply opening it traverses many folders. Ex: /Users/Documents/foo/bar/foobar.txt. Would this application remember every folder that you went to or the final one? Another problem: How would it know that was the “final” folder?
    – Allan
    May 4, 2020 at 19:28

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Default Folder X can do that - amongst many other things.

It's one of the few utilities I think ought to have been part of the OS from the outset.

From their page…

Directory Assistant Access your recent, favorite, and open folders from DFX's toolbar. Hierarchical pop-up menus let you quickly navigate through folders to get to your files.


It's Fresh's main purpose. It doesn't do it especially well, in my experience. It seems to get hella confused by non-human agents (other apps) accessing folders. But sure beats what Finder has to offer in that regard.

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