How do I add a hyperlink to a local file?

I know how to add a hyperlink to a website, so I tried something like file:///Users/MyUser/Documents/Invoices/Some%20Stuff.pdf

However, adding this path to the hyperlink won't make Numbers open the file.

Any ideas?

  • You want to create a link to a different file or different sheet within the same Numbers file? – fsb May 3 at 19:15
  • I want to add a link to a pdf in finder. – WalterBeiter May 4 at 12:52

Out of the box, Numbers cannot link to a non-Numbers local document other than an email.

Numbers can create a link to a webpage, or to a sheet (in Numbers, a "sheet" is a tab within a single spreadsheet), or to a specific email. Numbers cannot, however, create a link to other types of files. This Apple Numbers page contains this text:

Link to a webpage, email, or sheet in Numbers on Mac

You can turn any text into a link that opens another sheet in the spreadsheet or opens a webpage or email message. Numbers automatically detects valid web addresses (URLs) and email addresses and styles them (for example, with an underline or different color) to indicate that they’re active links. You can edit these links or deactivate them so that they appear and behave as normal text. If you don’t want Numbers to automatically detect links, you can turn off automatic link formatting.

The same text (and same limitation as to linked filed types) appears in Numbers on-line help, and in the Menu Bar at Numbers > Format > Add Link.

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If numbers app is not expecting a filesystem link, i.e. it is not coded to except such cases, it will not open the file.

Compare this with Sublime's, VSCode's or Xcode hyperlink feature that you can follow by double clicking or command-clicking. They are programmed to do it.

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