I wanted to know if I could delete my own user in my mac, I have administrator permissions. Can I only delete other users or can I delete my own account too? (EDIT : i don't use the Mac anymore so I want to delete my own account, there is an other admin account (the Mac owner). It would save a lot of place in my Mac)

  • Just asking the other user to remove your account might be the easiest way, actually. – nohillside May 3 '20 at 12:14
  • cant come home because of coronavirus – Zorkai May 3 '20 at 12:16
  • Check out the answers to the question linked on top of yours here. – nohillside May 3 '20 at 12:50

Create a new account with administrator permissions. Log out of your account. Log into the new one. Delete your account.


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