I've been having a very annoying problem with my Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless headphones for a couple of years now and I'm wondering if anyone else has had such issues. Say I'm listening to music through the Spotify desktop client and I pause the music there and go to watch a video on Youtube. I expect to hear the video from the headphones, but I won't, because somehow the headphones think there is no audio signal. Once I unpause Spotify, I can hear both the music and the browser but pausing the music will again mute the browser. The browser is in fact playing the content with audio and is not muted, but the headphones are somehow locked to Spotify. So the only solution would be to either kill Spotify, or set it to play but mute it so that I can only hear Youtube (which is what I usually do because opening and closing it is too sluggish). If I choose to close Spotify, sometimes the headphones still won't play anything until I pause/unpause from the second application.

This tends to happen with any pair of applications that both play audio and I'm not sure if it's an OS X bug or related to the headphone's firmware. The same does not happen with Apple's own AirPods but I don't have access to another non-Apple pair of wireless headphones to test. It also doesn't happen when connecting the same set of wireless headphones (or any other) through the 3.5mm jack or while using the speakers.

Has anyone experienced similar issues, with these particular model or another wireless headphone and if there is a fix?


Heyho i have the same problem with the same Headset.

I found this in a Spotify forum:

There is a fix everyone!

Just go to Edit -> preferences -< Display options and disable "Show desktop overlay when using media keys"

This fixed my issue atleast

For me it did not help...even worse... i'm more confused. After disable this Options the browser works, but the Ingam-Spund mutes.

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