Sometimes it takes over a minute for my MacBook Pro 16 inch to recognize anything I write on the keyboard and whatever I do with the trackpad upon waking it up from sleep mode. In fact, sometimes it will say it doesn't detect a keyboard and it expects me to insert or pair a keyboard. After a couple minutes the problem disappears, however.

I've done PRAM/NVRAM as well as SMC procedures. Still having the same problem. I've also booted in safe mode. No result.

  • Have you tried the normal troubleshooting steps here and here? – fsb Apr 30 at 12:14
  • Thanks. I've just reset the NVRAM. Do you think I should also do the SMC? – kanayt Apr 30 at 12:40
  • If that didn't solve problem then yes, you should do that. – fsb Apr 30 at 13:58
  • Boot into Safe Mode, allow or put it to sleep, then wake. See if the problem persists. – Allan May 8 at 11:40
  • The keyboard (or whole top case) may be failing. However, it's plugged into the USB bus. To eliminate USB as the issue, plug in a USB keyboard and see if you still have the problem. If you do, it's a physical problem with the top case and you need to take it in to be fixed. – Allan May 13 at 17:15

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