I have installed python on Mac by Anaconda. Here is the path :


But when I want to install any package that need python, it installs it separately. For instance, I wanted to install the gdb (GNU Debugger) via Homebrew, but it said that python is one of the requirements and then it installed it again.

How can I stop downloading and installing python for every package?


The nice thing about homebrew is it only installs dependencies needed to build the packages and also that you don’t have to choose just one version of a tool.

Why not let brew install what it needs, but control your path so that you’re running Anaconda from the python you prefer?

Also, brew has a cask install of anaconda as well, so that might be an easier path to harmony if you can’t get away from the homebrew installs for tools.

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  • I mean that is that a convenient way to let the brew install python for each package? – M.Amrollahi May 1 at 15:06

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