Home and End do nothing in iTerm2, nor do ⌘← and ⌘→.

However, Ctrl-A and Ctrl-E do work.

Can Home and End do this?

Preferences->Keys_Key Bindings in iTerm2 do not offer a "Start of Line" or "End of Line option.

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^ ControlA and ^ ControlE are keybinding in Bash and ZSH, not in iTerm (or Terminal).

If you want custom bindings within iTerm, you will need to bind the actual keyboard sequence in the keybinding. "Start of Line" and "End of Line" are descriptors, not the actual key strokes.

So, to do this you'd need to send ^ ControlA for Home via their Hex Codes. In this case, the codes would be 0x01 for "start of text" (^A) and 0x05 for "ENQ" (^E).

In the image below, you can add a new binding in Preferences → Keys → Key Bindings

  1. Click on + to add a new binding
  2. Click on Record in the dialog box
  3. Press your desired key (Home in this case).
  4. Select your Action (you can scroll or search). Select "Send Hex Code"
  5. Enter the Hex Code (0x01 for "start of text")
  6. Test it out!

iTerm2 Keybinding Home to ^A

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    Note: I'm trying to add some screen shots, but my Dell 104 key keyboard with the Home/End/PgUp/PgDn etc. buttons seems to have developed legs and a passion for ice cream as it apparently left the house. As soon as I get my keyboard back, I'll get some screen shots going.
    – Allan
    Apr 26 '20 at 20:12
  • Thank you! One correction: 0x05 is End, while 0x03 that you gave is Ctl-C (break out of the line.)
    – Joshua Fox
    Apr 27 '20 at 8:00

The accepted solution proposed by Allan is not optimal, as this keybinding affects *ALL* applications that are executed on the terminal and this key remapping would mean that some applications won't work as expected:

For example, if you use 'vi' then the keys 'Home' and 'End' no longer work after this key binding (those keys work ok if you don't do the proposed key binding)

A better solution is to do the key mapping on the shell itself:

In zsh (the default shell being used by macos nowadays), just add this in ~/.zshrc:

bindkey '\e[H'    beginning-of-line
bindkey '\e[F'    end-of-line

and Home and End keys will work ok in both the command line and vi

  • This is the optimal solution!
    – dpwrussell
    Aug 29 at 17:26

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