Is anyone aware of a HomeKit enabled device which exposes a control element/button in the Home app which allows you to cycle through modes (each click changes a "mode" - whatever mode means for the particular device)? I'm trying to find out whether this kind of button/control exists in HomeKit/Home app to build a device that exposes such a button.


Here is what I am referring to. The image shows 2 controls (a slider and a switch). I require the switch to have more than two states. Does anyone know if there is a device that exposes such a behaviour to Homekit?

enter image description here

  • Welcome to Ask Different. You might need to make this narrower. Ask on a DIY or hardware site and once you have a working kit, then refine here. I could see a general, how can I tell if hardware X works with HomeKit being open here for answers if you don’t have a start yet on which hardware you will choose to work with. – bmike Apr 25 at 13:44
  • Ok, I refined the question. Please check, comment and possibly re-open it. I'm faced with kind of a chicken egg problem here. I don't know how the hardware should behave in order for it to appear in Home. – orange Apr 26 at 0:30
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    +1 thanks so much for the edit – bmike Apr 26 at 0:59
  • thanks for sending me in the right direction with your review. – orange Apr 26 at 3:16
  • The only think I know is open source homebridge but then you can do anything - raspberry pi and arduino have relays and all sorts of interfaces. instructables.com/id/… Maybe you’re looking for a commercial product? – bmike Apr 26 at 15:16

Not a complete answer, but here's a list of all accessory service types supported in Apple HomeKit. This defines the entire scope of possibilities in the Home app.


The accessory categories are:

  • Light
  • Power and Switches
  • Air Quality and Smoke Detection
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Windows
  • Water
  • Locks and Openers
  • Safety and Security
  • Video and Audio
  • Information

However, I am not familiar enough with the HomeKit ADK to fully answer your question.

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  • Is any of these accessories appearing as a multi state switch in the Home App? – orange May 11 at 23:55

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