I have two different MacBook pros (Catalina and Mojave). Recently, I bought a new bluetooth mice and a keyboard. First time, when I connected keyboard and mice to one of the MacBook Pros, I had to turn off/on the bluetooth devices and then was able to connect to one of the MacBook Pro. When I had to connect to my second MacBook Pro I did the same.

The most annoying part to me here is when I try to switch these devices to connect to one of the Mac's I have to do the same thing which is turn off/on mice and keyboard every single time and then pair/connect.

I definitely think that there must be a better way to do it, can someone please help?

Like AirPods can I just connect automatically every time when I turn on one of the mac's?

Better solution than this? Sharing a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse sequentially between two Macs


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