I am running Catalina on a 2015 13" Macbook Pro and at random times the default ⌘ Command⇧ Shift . shortcut for showing/hiding files will stop working. I read previous threads that mostly refer back to El Capitan or Mojave. I did find one thread that linked to a Toggle Hidden Files workflow. I tried it and the system pops up a window saying "Finder is not showing hidden files".

Any ideas as to why it might stop working and how I can fix it?


I've run across this recently and the way I got it working again was to "refresh" the Finder window. Since there's no refresh F5 like there is in Windows, you have to move out of the directory and then back in. Additional, you can close the Finder window and reopen it.

It seems to be a bug within Finder

  • Didn't work right away, but it seems to have done the job. Hope they catch the bug. How is there no refresh?! – mac_33 Apr 21 '20 at 22:27

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