I am new to terminal, learning how to code in Python.

I was trying to turn the autocomplete tab function on, using the code found in the link below.


I can now not type 'c'. I am able to type 'C' and everything else. I believe I have changed the .bash settings, but I'm an amateur and don't know how to rectify this.

Is there a way to restore Terminal to its default settings?

Many thanks!

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    I think you have the same problem as in this question. It doesn't have an official answer, but there's a comment that solved it in that case. – Gordon Davisson Apr 20 at 19:40
  • Thanks so much! This sorted it easily and quickly. – Sam Apr 22 at 5:09

You can remove the broken inputrc file by opening your terminal and moving it to a different name:

mv ~/.inputrc ~/.input.broken

Then restarting your terminal session should restore it to normal.

In the above you can copy/paste that in, or just hit tab to complete the first filename. ie. mv ~/.input(tab here) ~/.input.broken

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