I installed python3 and tcl-tk with homebrew on my iMac. However, when I want to launch my program using the terminal, this message is displayed:

DEPRECATION WARNING: The system version of Tk is deprecated and may be removed in a future release. Please don't rely on it. Set TK_SILENCE_DEPRECATION=1 to suppress this warning.

The interface is completely buggy on my iMac and I don't understand why and can't find a solution.

On my MacBook Air with the same homebrew apps installed the very same program works perfectly.


  • macOS Catalina 10.15.4 on both Macs

  • MacBook Air:

    @MacBook-Air $ which python3
    @MacBook-Air $ python3 -V
    Python 3.7.3
    @MacBook-Air $ which tclsh
  • iMac:

    @iMac-de-Lola.local $ which python3
    @iMac-de-Lola.local $ python3 -V
    Python 3.7.7
    @iMac-de-Lola.local $ which tclsh

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I managed to solve the problem by installing python 3.7.7 from python.org. The path is now the same as on my MacBook Air.

The program is working very well now. I think the python3 command launches a system version of python and not the version installed by homebrew.

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