How can I change the profile of my current iTerm2 session?

If I click Profiles and select one, it opens a new session instead of changing the current one.

  • I'm looking for functionality offered out of the box by Gnome Terminal. – muad-dweeb Apr 16 '20 at 20:03
  • That explanation should be in the question not in comments. Also what does Gnome Terminal offer out of the box - most people here won't have used it. – mmmmmm May 18 at 8:19
  • There is also possibility for Automatic Profile Switching (Preferences > Profiles > Advanced > Automatic Profile Switching). Shell integration must be installed and: "Any session will switch to this profile automatically when your hostname, username and current path match a rule below. A rule may specify username, hostname, path, or job" – Aivar Paalberg May 18 at 8:29

You have to "Edit" the session.

The easiest way to do this is to right click on anywhere on the open iTerm2 window, select Edit Session... A Preferences pane will appear and under the General tab, look for the Profile Name selection box. Double click on your desired profile.


This can be done using iterm2 profile keys (these are handy shortcuts which you can add yourself)

  1. In iTerm's preferences, select the keys tab.
  2. There's a table called key mappings, click on the + at the bottom of the table
  3. Choose a keyboard shortcut From the dropdown menu, search and choose for change profile option and assign a shortcut.
  4. Remember these are shortcut keys when you present in the respective profile, so if you switch profile and toggle back, you need to add a shortcut in the other profile

It works across all panes and windows and its setting is persistent across sessions.

This works on iTerm2 (version, 3.0.8 to Build 3.4.6) Reference


To add other profiles and change the default you need to go to the Profiles menu and choose Open Profile... key for that is o

This gives a panel where you can edit all the existing profiles and run them .

Documentation is at https://iterm2.com/documentation-menu-items.html

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