This is a small annoyance I've always had with the Finder.

When you right-click on items, some of the context menu's menu items then repeat the file name in their titles.

Compress "some_file_name.txt"
Quick Look "some_file_name.txt"
Copy "some_file_name.txt"

For long file names, the context menu gets comically large.

This makes using submenus such as "Open With" and "Services" harder, as you need to precisely mouse a greater distance to enter the submenu.

It's also just annoying and overly busy UI. I don't need to be reminded 3 times which file I right clicked. Just give me a nice clean menu. I'm able to Get Info or Rename items without knowing the file name... I think I can manage for Compress as well.

Is there any way to remove the file name from these menu items?

I want it to just say Compress, Quick Look, and Copy.

enter image description here

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