Is there a way to launch Trello app on Login or startup, in menubar only state.

Menubar only state : There's a window style dropdown option in Trello settings. When you choose Dock & Menubar extra, a Trello icon appears in the menubar which can be used to toggle the visibility of the app window (show/hide) by clicking on it. While in the hidden state, only the menubar icon and the dock indicator is visible.

In short : How to launch Trello on startup in hidden visibility state?

macos v10.15.3
Trello v2.11.4

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Yes you can. Go to the Trello App and click on Preferences. Clicking preferences brings up a pane as shown below.

enter image description here

Under the phrase Window Style click on the pull-down menu arrow showing the pane below.

enter image description here

Click o menu only to have Trello show as a menu icon only.

Now you need to get it to start on login or restart. To do this go to system preferences under the Apple menu item. Click on the "User & Groups" preference pane. When that panel appears, be sure to click on the tab "Login Items". This displays a listing of items started on Login. Be sure to unlock the panel and click on the + button at bottom of the list. This allows you to add an app to start at login. After clicking the + button locate Trello and select it. This tells Trello to start at login. See image below.

enter image description here

  • Thanks for the answer but I think you missed a point or maybe it's not working, just on my end. Following your solution, the Trello Window opens up at startup. So it's not actually in the hidden state. While when you click on the menubar icon, it goes to the hidden state.
    – Chaitanya
    Apr 10, 2020 at 16:17

Apparently, this is quite not possible right now. But you can get pretty close. Though not much convincing, still it's a workaround (not for all cases).

So I used the good old Automator to build an app which has just one action in the workflow :- Watch Me Do
Then I recorded my actions which were as follows:

  • Open Trello
  • Click on the Trello Icon in the menu bar(located on the right side)

Increase the playback speed and the Automator will do it in no time.

Finally, to start your new app, add it to the login items as described by @jmh's answer.

How to perform Automator's Watch Me Do?

There will be certain cases where this solution might not work. For example: if multiple app icon's are displayed in the menu bar at startup, then the Automator's Watch Me Do might end up clicking at the wrong location.

Tip: While recording for Watch Me Do, give a pause between opening the app and clicking the menu bar icon, as the app might take more time to open at startup

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