I've spent hours researching this and I can't seem to find an answer, so your help would be greatly appreciated!

I have an audio recorder that outputs 16 files that are always named the same.



I want an Automator App that changes the file names to the following list.


(01_Lav.WAV, 02_HH1.WAV, 03_Piano.WAV, 04_TR AC.WAV, 05_MX AC.WAV, 06_Bass.WAV, 07_ElectG.WAV, 08_KickD.WAV, 09_Vox1.WAV, 10_Vox2.WAV, 11_Vox3.WAV, 12_Vox4.WAV, 13_CrowdL.WAV, 14_CrowdR.WAV, 15_Aux7_R.WAV, 16_MainLR_R.WAV)

This way I can save the Application on a hard drive where I transfer the files to and run it when needed.

I was thinking it would go something like this:

set theFolder to choose folder

set name of file “TRK01.WAV“ to “01_Lav.WAV“
set name of file “TRK02.WAV“ to “02_HH1.WAV“
set name of file “TRK03.WAV“ to “03_Piano.WAV“
set name of file “TRK04.WAV“ to “04_TR AC.WAV“
set name of file “TRK05.WAV“ to “05_MX AC.WAV“
set name of file “TRK06.WAV“ to “06_Bass.WAV“
set name of file “TRK07.WAV“ to “07_ElectG.WAV“
set name of file “TRK08.WAV“ to “08_KickD.WAV“
set name of file “TRK09.WAV“ to “09_Vox1.WAV“
set name of file “TRK10.WAV“ to “10_Vox2.WAV“
set name of file “TRK11.WAV“ to “11_Vox3.WAV“
set name of file “TRK12.WAV“ to “12_Vox4.WAV“
set name of file “TRK13.WAV“ to “13_CrowdL.WAV“
set name of file “TRK14.WAV“ to “14_CrowdR.WAV“
set name of file “TRK15.WAV“ to “15_Aux7_R.WAV“
set name of file “TRK16.WAV“ to “16_MainLR_R.WAV“

tell application "Finder"
    (open theFolder) select
end tell

How would this actually be done?

  • Is this a one time thing? If yes, I'd just do it in Terminal. First change directories to where the files are, e.g. cd "/path/to/files" and then copy an paste the following into the Terminal window and press enter: Commented Apr 8, 2020 at 1:29
  • mv TRK01.WAV 01_Lav.WAV; mv TRK02.WAV 02_HH1.WAV; mv TRK03.WAV 03_Piano.WAV; mv TRK04.WAV "04_TR AC.WAV"; mv TRK05.WAV "05_MX AC.WAV"; mv TRK06.WAV 06_Bass.WAV; mv TRK07.WAV 07_ElectG.WAV; mv TRK08.WAV 08_KickD.WAV; mv TRK09.WAV 09_Vox1.WAV; mv TRK10.WAV 10_Vox2.WAV; mv TRK11.WAV 11_Vox3.WAV; mv TRK12.WAV 12_Vox4.WAV; mv TRK13.WAV 13_CrowdL.WAV; mv TRK14.WAV 14_CrowdR.WAV; mv TRK15.WAV 15_Aux7_R.WAV; mv TRK16.WAV 16_MainLR_R.WAV Commented Apr 8, 2020 at 1:29
  • No It’s something that I need to do on a regular basis. Often several times in one setting. That’s why I’m trying to make an Automator workflow or application. Thanks for the suggestion!
    – dvdp
    Commented Apr 8, 2020 at 3:45
  • Well you could still use it in an Automator Service as shown in the linked image: imgur.com/a/ZEH67Nu This is set so in Finder you select the target folder containing the WAV files and run the service on it. Commented Apr 8, 2020 at 4:59

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– user3439894, Thanks for the Help! This got me really close!

For anyone who needs to do the same thing, here's what I did to make it work. In my circumstance, I needed an application, so I can save it on a hard drive and use it on whatever Mac I'm working on at the time. I didn't need another service to clutter up my menus.

Here's how it's done:

1) Using Automator, create a "new document" type: "Application"

2) Insert "Ask for Finder Items" box and select Type: "Folders".

3) Insert "Get Selected Finder Items" box (below "Ask for Finder Items" box)

4) Insert "Run Shell Script" box. Set Shell: "/bin/bash" set Pass input: "as arguments".

5) Type:

cd "$1" || exit 1

mv TRK01.WAV 01_Lav.WAV 
mv TRK02.WAV 02_HH1.WAV 
mv TRK03.WAV 03_Piano.WAV 
mv TRK04.WAV "04_TR AC.WAV" 
mv TRK05.WAV "05_MX AC.WAV" 
mv TRK06.WAV 06_Bass.WAV
mv TRK07.WAV 07_ElectG.WAV
mv TRK08.WAV 08_KickD.WAV
mv TRK09.WAV 09_Vox1.WAV
mv TRK10.WAV 10_Vox2.WAV
mv TRK11.WAV 11_Vox3.WAV
mv TRK12.WAV 12_Vox4.WAV
mv TRK13.WAV 13_CrowdL.WAV
mv TRK14.WAV 14_CrowdR.WAV
mv TRK15.WAV 15_Aux7_R.WAV
mv TRK16.WAV 16_MainLR_R.WAV

Save the Application to desired location and you're done!

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