I upgraded to Catalina because I need Xcode 11. Now when Catalina was being downloaded, it continued from where it stopped even when there was network error. Now I am downloading Xcode with Appstore.

I started off since morning for over 6 hours only for the downloaded file not to find space to install. And When I deleted and clicked on it on the App Store. It started all over. That's 8 GB gone. I am in Lagos Nigeria and I don't have wonderful download speed. In case I encounter the space not enough again because I have deleted almost all apps I have just to make space for it, how do I make it use the already downloaded file so I won't go through this horrible experience again.

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You should use wget/ curl based methods and Apple Developer website for downloading it. I am not a fan of App Store managing huge downloads. Since I am not doing iOS development, I can work with old version too, so don't need App Store to recognise the download and give me an update.

I don't know about CURL, but in wget you can do

wget -c https://site

-c lets you continue the download where you started.

Reclaim the space using apps listed here:

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