I use Freedom to help me stay focused while working. Sometimes I will be so disillusioned with my work, that I will go to such lengths as to try and kill the process from the terminal.

I'd like to prevent myself from doing this. Is it possible to elevate the process so that it can't be killed by any means, including by using sudo kill <process ID> from a terminal?

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    Adam, could you clarify your question. It doesn't make sense. What process are you trying to kill with the terminal? Freedom? – Nibor Ndj Mar 31 at 15:21
  • I'm trying to prevent Freedom from being killed in the terminal by any means including by using the sudo kill command from the terminal. – Adam Griffiths Mar 31 at 15:59
  • I've added more clarity to the question, please reopen it. If you still believe it is unclear, please explain why. – Adam Griffiths Mar 31 at 16:03
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    So, the short answer is no. Sending SIGTERM, SIGKILL or any other interruption signals will kill the targeted process. I am still puzzled by your question though :) To me, it is like asking "I have a loaded gun in my hands, I pull the trigger but I would like to know if there is a way to avoid shooting a bullet straight into my head". The logical answer is : "Do not pull the trigger". In your context case, it is "Do not sudo kill the process". – Nibor Ndj Mar 31 at 19:12

On macOS it is not possible to create processes which can‘t be killed by a user who is able to sudo. So the short and simple answer to your question is NO.

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