Recently after upgrading to macOS Mojave, my workflow has been seriously impacted by the inability for macOS Terminal to be able to paste the contents of my clipboard correctly.

When I paste contents, the letters in my clipboard become garbled and are pasted out of order of their actual text

this was in my clipboard as doc_header.to_html and came out like this when I pasted it

enter image description here

this was in my clipboard as doc_header

enter image description here

I have been a Mac OS user since the 1980s and I have developed code on Mac OS since 2001. With problems & bugs like these it makes me seriously wonder if macOS continues to be a viable platform for developing software in the future.

video is here https://imgur.com/gallery/VmscMde

this is Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6 running on MacBook Air Early 2015 2.2 Ghz Core i7 with 8GB of ram

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    Please clarify these questions: 1. Is that macOS' built-in Terminal.app? 2. What shell are you using? 3. Have you tested if the problem happens when you start that shell without the dotfiles/configuration? – theonlygusti Mar 30 at 16:35
  • Also where do copy it from? – nohillside Mar 30 at 16:42
  • either out of my code editor RubyMine or from somewhere else in the terminal itself. However, when the symptom demonstrates itself, I am able to re-paste the text into a plain text file in TextEdit without problems so I suspect the Terminal is somehow interpreting the paste and re-typing the characters one-by-one. – Jason FB Mar 30 at 19:29
  • You'll note that the behavior is completely inconsistent, the characters don't even re-paste in a garbled fashion, they re-paste in different garbled ways at different times. this indicates to me it is some kind of terminal emulating the keystrokes character by character and coming up against race conditions in the operating system – Jason FB Mar 30 at 19:30
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    I suppose I should have clarified that I saw the problem only while using the Ruby debugger, specifically inside of a Rails console. – Jason FB Mar 30 at 19:35

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