Is there a difference between new Mac:

  1. Create Admin + Configure
  2. Qualify new Mac in the domain
    • Create New User with AD credentials in System Pref OR
    • Add new User directly into AD with "Change User" with "Name" and "Password"

Longer version:

There is a a System Preference under Users > Login Options : Display Login window as List of Users OR Name and Password

Default is the first. If you forgot to check Name and PW the new domain user arrives in your office, you log out the admin, there is no means to add a new user. I helped out in this situation, by creating a new user, with the domain credentials, log out, and log in the new domain user into the domain.

My boss is unhappy with this procedure, even angry with me, saying a local user is not a domain user. There will be a lot of troubles with this procedure (There were any troubles until now; I configured at least 20 new Macs like that).

My question: is there a difference between adding a new user in Prefs and log him in into AD or create that user directly with Name and PW.

Hope this question was clear. Thank you in advance for your insight


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