I have tried all the obvious commands at boot without success, including Safe Mode. Then booted into Single-User mode. Ran “fsck -fy” command. Shows 9 line item warnings: “time stamp is invalid. Is greater than current time”. Rebooted and ran a hardware check which showed the battery needed to be replaced. Will replace the internal battery today, but not sure how to reset the date in Single-user mode. Any thoughts?

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  • Hi @Stevo, I think it would be useful to know which system version is in use on your machine. – Johnmager 2 days ago
  • Try booting in Verbose Mode hold Cmd-V while booting. See if you can see what messages appear on the screen. Also, can you boot to Recovery? – Allan 2 days ago
  • Tried Cmd-V but scrolling is so fast can’t read if there’s any error messages. Then tries to reboot but just keeps rebooting. – Stevo 2 days ago
  • Running Mojave... – Stevo 2 days ago
  • Try recording with a camera so you can stop and read the messages – Allan yesterday

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