The procedure to get an Android phone to tether the internet connection to a Mac is given on countless websites.

I followed the instructions provided on the official page (https://joshuawise.com/horndis) but nothing happens.
The connection is not recognised in the Network section of the System Preferences.

My machine runs a Mac OS 10.14.6 and I'm tethering from a Huawei P20 Lite.

Anybody got any piece of advice?

I've added a screenshot of the Network preferences. System Preferences - Network preferences

  • Does not it show up at all in Network or show up and not work? If it isn't there at all, have a look under Security and Privacy and see if it blocked there. – lx07 Mar 25 at 17:41
  • I connect my Huawei P20 Lite via USB and choose the "Transfer Files" mode, as this is the one which allows tethering when connecting to another Win 10 machine. I have tried the other options, but the result's always the same: nothing shows up in the Network preferences (see screenshot). Nothing appears in Security and Privacy either... – andrea Mar 26 at 13:23

I was showing the application was blocked in Security and Privacy section. After allowing it, I could use tethering with my Andriod device. However I do not see the kext file in Extensions, which seems strange.

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