After erasing my HDD with APFS format, I always get an error while installing macOS High Sierra. Error is caused because of APFS format. Now I can’t erase it using a different format... how can I solve this issue?

Macbook was bought in 2009/2010 Macbook Pro 13”

  • It would be helpful for you to add the make and model of Mac you have, like this: Early 2025 Mac Mini 19,2. – Steve Chambers Mar 22 at 22:35
  • Ok... Macbook was bought in 2009/2010 Macbook Pro 13” – Ivan Fernandes Mar 22 at 22:41
  • Have you tried an earlier system and then upgrading to High Sierra. If your Mac was purchased in 2009 its not compatible with High Sierra. – jmh Mar 23 at 0:48
  • If it’s a spinning hard drive (like those that came with that vintage MBP) it’s not going to support APFS. – Allan Mar 23 at 11:17
  • Hi, thank you for your answers. First, I chose the available OS, how can I chose a different one? Second, now I can only erase it using APFS, can’t change for a different option... should I create a reboot pen drive? Is it easy to do? Where will I find an old OS (i just use this computer for media files). – Ivan Fernandes Mar 23 at 15:51

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